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Saturday, April 10, 2010


Rule number one: Allow your husband to leave, if he does not know how to behave. I did and I have never felt better. Don't get me wrong, I will see him again, but he just could not handle the new environment. Going back in time to his younger days and roots in the Caribbean, a poorer backwards time...and Mexico in his face, with the trash pick up on Wednesday and Sunday mornings, 9:00am, get out the wheelbarrow, load up the trash, push it across the bridge and dump it on the corner under the Pepper tree. Go back a half hour later only to see it all torn up by stray neighborhood dogs...get out the rake and throw rocks at the dogs. Too much! That was the beginning of what I refer to as his mid-life crisis. And trust me when I say, emailing is the best way to have a relationship with an angry husband. After a hostile dialogue today, back and forth for two hours, he was contrite (from somewhere in Saint Paul), and asking if the marriage could be saved. Yes. We are making progress and no noisy confrontations.

My mother is anxiously waiting to watch a movie on my computer. Until later.

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